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What do I register as? Enthusiast, Workshop or Salesperson ?

How do I earn points when purchasing Liqui Moly products as a Workshop or Enthusiast ?

Will I earn points as a Workshop or Enthusiast if I don’t buy on my account at associated retail partners ?

Returning products or credit notes, what happens to my points ?

How do I redeem points ?

Do I always have to buy at the same associated retail partner ?

Can I transfer my account if I move to another Goldwagen Branch as a salesperson ?

Can I use any phone/Tablet ?

Are my personal details safe ?

Who do I call for help when I get stuck ?

Do you have product liabilities ?

What happens if I lose my phone ?

I can’t log in due to invalid credentials

How regularly should I update my app ?

Where can I view the latest notifications to stay up to date ?

What should I remember in order to make sure I don't miss any points for my Liqui Moly purchases ?

I already have a workshop account with Goldwagen or an associated ADVANTAGE retail partner, is that sufficient to earn points ?

How often are point updated ?

Do my points expire ?

What is the function of the Shopping list?

Can I buy Points to purchase rewards on the app ?

Where can I find more information on the product range available ?

Will I earn points if I buy from an associated retail partner  outside of RSA ?

On the oil guide I get 5+ recommended products, which one should I choose?

How would I know that the correct reward was selected ?

How would I know that my receipt were successfully captured ?

When will my order be delivered ?

What is the difference between My Garage and the Oil Guide ?

Rewards may differ from pictures, these are for illustrative purposes only.

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